But I digress...

For years I’ve had to be careful about what I said in public. After three decades, representing three different market making firms at the NYSE I couldn’t recommend stocks - duh - that made sense; talk to the media - on air or “on the record”; or even own certain stocks. Even when I could trade for myself there was a 30 day minimum holding period. It was understandable and I was compliant, but ironically in my job these were the things that I did every day, and quite frankly, where I excelled. It was sometimes frustrating to not take those job skills and use them personally.

But I digress, I didn't start this little fun project to complain. I loved it the way it was and maybe soon again I’ll have similar restrictions. That would never be a problem. For now I have a little more freedom to talk markets, stocks, sports or whatever comes to mind.

This isn’t the first time I’ve blogged. (Read this next line as Troy McClure..) In fact, some of you may remember me from guest spots on the Ramp Capital blog. Posts about my son the $TSLA kid or how stocks helped pay for my kids college. I was also given more freedom by my last employer to do limited media hits, partake in an NYSE documentary and even chat on a few podcasts. I enjoyed it and it came natural to discuss what I love.

Over the coming days as we end this [insert your favorite adjective] year, I’ll revisit some of the crazy things I learned and maybe share a story or two. I really have no idea where this may take me. Next week, I’ll talk year end thoughts. In fact, I taped a video with some of the smartest technicians and traders I know. I’ll link that and go into details. Heck - I may even share a few charts and talk about specific things I’m trading. Feels kinda dirty for me, but should be fun for now.

In the meantime, tell your friends!