Exchanging Thoughts..

My name is Jay Woods. After spending a few years (28 to be exact) behind the scenes - or in many cases, actually in them - I have some new found freedom to expound on some thoughts and stories.

I’ve learned that the FinTwit community is one of the best places to learn, share and network. While I’ve been an active part of this community for a decade I’ve been reluctant to share trading ideas and general market thoughts. I hope through this forum that will change and I also love to hear what you have to say.

The biggest takeaway I hope to get by writing here is purely selfish. I want to chronicle my thoughts in a more concise way than pages of scribbles, iPhone notes or the occasional tweet. I’ve written about the market and individual stocks for years - just not for public consumption.

The other takeaway is listening to you and getting other valuable perspectives. The ideas shared on FinTwit as well as blogposts and podcasts provide a wealth of insight and information. I still ask myself daily, “how is this site free?'“. I value those on here that freely share their ideas - whether I agree or not - and hope to do more of that myself.

Some background..

Here’s just a little bit of how I got here and shout outs to those that helped pave the way. (I screwed this thread up when I originally posted it. Here it is in proper order..)

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